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‘Stretch goal’ fail: Ontario auto insurance rates go up again

TORONTO – Auto insurance rates in Ontario rose again in the second quarter of 2017.

Approved rates posted by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario show an average increase of 0.76 per cent.


Automobile Insurance Fraud: Prevalence, Prevention, and Response

Insurance fraud is a tale as old as time. The earliest recorded incident occurred in Ancient Greece, around 300 BC. Hegestratos, a merchant, took out an insurance policy which required payment (with interest) upon his ship’s safe arrival to its destination. Failing to repay the loan would result in repossession of the ship and its cargo. Hegestratos conspired to commit insurance fraud by sinking his empty ship and selling the cargo, thereby keeping the loan. For the record, he was unsuccessful, as he drowned trying to escape his crew who caught on to his plans.1


Cyclist’s death renews calls for stricter penalties for drivers

The crash that killed Gary Sim cut his life short and robbed his family of a loved one. By law, the most it will cost the driver who hit him is a few hundred dollars.


Applicant makes case that treatment plans are reasonable and necessary – Applicant v Echelon LAT 16-003223

The applicant was in a car accident on March 14, 2010 when the car he was operating was rear-ended. The applicant and his wife were both injured in the accident and their two-year-old daughter sustained fatal injuries.  In April 2014, the applicant was found to be catastrophically impaired as a result of the accident. In June 2014, the applicant sought a rehabilitation benefit pursuant to the SABS.  At the time of the application the applicant was 34 years old with two young children at home.


Orchestrating A Path To Change

The urgent need to reform an unsustainable tort system in the late 1980s led to a succession of no-fault legislation and regulatory reforms that introduced a tort threshold and deductibles.   Almost 30 years later, we once again face an unsustainable tort system—and now an equally unsustainable no-fault system.  The transactional costs associated with both systems cannot be remedied through reforms alone. It is within the capacity of the stakeholders to orchestrate a path to change themselves in anticipation of further challenges.


One Year in, Patient Ombudsman Looks to Advocate for Fairness


Personal support workers in Ontario lack oversight of most other professions

The lack of a college or regulatory body for personal support workers — something other health workers have — is both puzzling and worrisome, says Michael Hurley, president of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions and a vice president of CUPE Ontario.



The National Epidemiologic Database for the Study of Autism in Canada reports that in Canada currently 1 in 94 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The Canadian Medical Association Journal reports similar findings, specifically that 1% of the Canadian population is affected by autism spectrum disorder. This means that in Ontario there are approximately 100,000 individuals on the autism spectrum. As a personal injury lawyer, I am no longer surprised when I am retained by an injury victim that has a pre-existing medical history that includes autism.


Stressful experiences can age brain ‘by years’, Alzheimer’s experts hear

Stressful life experiences can age the brain by several years, new research suggests. Experts led by a team from Wisconsin University’s school of medicine and public health in the US found that even one major stressful event early in life may have an impact on later brain health.


Webinar – A Year in Review: Understanding the Impact of the SABS Changes

The webinar is designed to help you:
– Prepare for a LAT application
– Argue your case at a LAT hearing
– Understand how your role as a health care provider can assist in the LAT application
– Understand the new CAT definition