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Welcome to FAIR Association of Victims for Accident Insurance Reform

‘FAIR – supporting auto accident victims through advocacy and education’

After an Auto Accident: Understanding the Claims Process

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident and need to file an insurance claim, this booklet will help you understand how the claims process works. https://www.fsco.gov.on.ca/en/auto/brochures/Pages/brochure_claims.aspx


If you are an auto accident victim you can join FAIR at no cost in 2014!  Get on our mailing list! MVA Victim membership:



FAIR (Fair Association of Victims for Accident Insurance Reform) is a grassroots not-for-profit organization of MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) victims who have been injured in motor vehicle collisions and who have struggled with the current auto insurance system in Ontario.

Our members lives, as a result of these MVAs, have been turned upside down by brain injury, loss of limbs, need for surgery and reparative therapy, long-term debilitating injuries, loss of time from work, loss of jobs and sometimes loss of independence .

FAIR wants to see reforms to auto insurance legislation that will improve the way all MVA victims are treated and cared for under provincial insurance legislation. Not only are FAIR members faced with the challenges of overcoming and adapting to injury, we are also faced with an insurance system that does not fairly provide needed rehabilitation coverage and benefits. Read more »



    Not happy about our coverage for most injuries being capped at $3500.00 for rehabilitation? Think you are paying too much (you are) for the low coverage or have you been injured and can’t get the promised benefits? Do you think the process for making claims is abusive? Do you think coverage for the most catastrophically injured should be slashed so insurers can make more money? Write to your MPP at Queen’s Park and let them know that you are aware and watching and tired of being ripped off and abused. http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/members/member_addresses.do?locale=en


    The Premier needs to hear directly from you.

    Please copy the text below and e-mail to premier@ontario.ca Include any additional information about yourself or your claim in order to make your message more personal and powerful. Copy your e-mail to your MPP. Contact information can be found by clicking on the Members (MPPs) link at: http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/members/member_addresses.do?locale=en

    For more information see:


    Dear Premier:

    Your government’s February 1st changes to Ontario’s Statutory Benefits Schedule are a direct attack on a person’s health and recovery after a car accident.

    Cutting benefits and restricting access to attendant care funding unfairly affects the standard of living of accident victims and the family members who care for survivors after a motor vehicle accident.

    I have paid my premiums for the mandatory insurance your government has in place. Like all drivers, I expect to be covered if I am injured in an accident.

    Less funding and resources available for recovering accident victims places more responsibility on the already overburdened social services in our province.

    As far as I am concerned, your government’s changes to auto accident benefits are a violation of my Charter right to equal treatment, without discrimination, under the law. (15.1)

    Further, it is disgraceful that you did not consult with the public or stakeholders in a democratic and open climate of good faith. Any decision that affects the most vulnerable citizens of the province should not be put in place without even defining when the changes to coverage are to be implemented – that oversight has left many seriously injured MVA survivors uncertain about their coverage.

    Your attack on the well being of injured accident victims has everything to do with politics. You have caved in to pressure from the Ontario insurance industry and the Insurance Bureau of Canada who have long called for deep cuts to benefits for motor vehicle accident victims. Victim recovery is being sacrificed for greater insurance industry profits and innocent injured accident victims are being impoverished and punished.

    I plan to vote in the next election. I won’t be voting Liberal unless this latest slash to coverage is rescinded immediately.


    (your name)


    NOTICE – FAIR has been advised that at least one insurer is sending out notices to their assessors that they are not to share IME reports without approval from the adjuster – even with a signed consent form from the claimant. Assessors are told, “under no circumstances should any assessor be speaking/writing/communicating with claimants/plaintiff counsel.” If this adversarial policy is affecting your access to information about your IME or claim, we’d like to hear from you.


    If you’d like to donate to FAIR to support us in our efforts to change Ontario’s auto insurance coverage, you can access the FAIR Donation Contribution Form here.

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