Basic Level Of Auto Insurance is Not Enough If You Are Hurt in A Car Accident

But only one out of 10 drivers has bought extended coverage, new research out of Kitchener reveals. This highlights problems that are now leading the Liberal government to consider overhauling the auto insurance system it regulates.

How Car Insurance Companies Investigate Accident Claims 

Insurance companies are businesses and they are, like all businesses, expected to make a profit.In the simplest terms, they do so by assessing risk and hoping they will pay less in claims than they earn in premiums. One way they can mitigate that risk is by making sure that they pay only what is necessary on claims.

Slipping, Falling, Tripping…. Was I in a Car Accident?

In the case of a car accident, all Ontarians have access to statutory automobile accident benefits, enacted as a regulation to the Insurance Act of Ontario. Accident Benefits provides injured car accident victims with such benefits as income replacement if they cannot work; medical and rehabilitation benefits if they need treatment, medications, and assistive devices; and attendant care benefits if they need a personal support worker, aide, nurse or another form of assistance that is similar. 

Appeal court frees catastrophically injured from ‘absurd,’ ‘Kafkaesque’ rule

Putting a hard time limit for claiming accident benefits put appellant Sotira Tomec in a situation that was “absurd” and “impossible,” said the November decision, Tomec v. Economical Mutual Insurance Company, 2019 ONCA 882, which overturned the lower court and Licence Appeal Tribunal. 

Transparency is key to a smooth ride in auto insurance

Auto insurance is a huge consumer pain point across Canada. Whether they purchase their insurance through brokers or directly with insurance carriers, there’s one common question that’s resonating countrywide: ‘Why has my premium gone up?’ 

How much will your auto insurance increase with a distracted driving conviction?

A driver distracted by their cell phone is four times more likely to crash than one who’s not, according to Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation. In some parts of Canada, in fact, distracted driving is beginning to be even more deadly than impaired driving. 

Ontario justice bill touches on revenge porn, class-action suits

Broad new Ontario justice legislation introduced Monday targets everything from Legal Aid to proceeds of crime to revenge porn. 

Building a Stronger Justice System to Grow Safer Communities

Today, Attorney General Doug Downey introduced the Smarter and Stronger Justice Act to simplify a complex and outdated justice system. If passed, the bill would modernize and improve how legal aid services are delivered, class actions are handled, court processes are administered and make life easier for Ontarians by paving the way to allow identities and legal documents to be verified online. 

Court backlog growing and courtrooms sit empty for hours every day: auditor

Bonnie Lysyk said in her annual report that a backlog of criminal cases in the court system is growing while courtrooms only operate for an average of 2.8 hours a day, and some child protection cases are going unresolved for more than three years. 

Doug Downey Walks Back Additional Cuts Planned For Legal Aid Ontario

TORONTO — Ontario’s attorney general said he would backtrack on some planned cuts to legal aid as he unveiled a suite of changes to the justice system Monday.